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Board of Directors

Executive Directors

Jill Hawkins

Darryl Qualls
Executive Vice-President

 Alison Moses
1st Vice-President

 Chuck Malouf
2nd Vice President

Brian Russell
Chief Financial Officer

Courtney Patton-Jackson
Corresponding Secretary

 Jim Henderson

 Ronda Carson
National Chapter Director

Brian Russell ‘65
George Ito '65
Frankie Conner ‘68
Jim Henderson ‘70
Cynthia Lake ‘71
Lupe’ Duncan ‘78
Cathy Barker ‘78
Darryl Qualls ‘80
Pablo Miralles ‘82
Alison Moses ‘84
Courtney Patton-Jackson '85
Karin Hubbard-Luster ‘85
Carina Jacob ‘85
Ronda Carson '88
Jennifer Crockett-Polk ‘85
Jill Hawkins ‘89
Tracy Richards ‘89
Dr. Lawton Gray ’93
Allisonne Crawford ‘98
Chuck Malouf

Committee Chairs
Campus Pride
Cynthia Lake

Public Relations
Jim Henderson
Karin Hubbard-Luster

Hall of Fame
Chuck Malouf
Darryl Qualls

Karin Hubbard-Luster

Alumni Museum
Pablo Miralles

special events
Courtney Patton-Jackson

Tracy Richards

Founding Members
Chuck Bradford ‘56
Carrie Bradford ‘56
Gary Jeffries ‘56
Doug Kosobayashi ‘56
Ed Moses ‘56
Ko Nishimura ‘56
Neal Brockmeyer ‘56
Sam Estrada ‘71

Honorary Board Members
Dr. Eddie Newman ‘65
Dr. Gloria “Ginger” Cole ‘68 Phlunte Riddle ‘77
Gerald Freeny ‘78
Jacqu้ Robinson-Baisley ‘96
Dr. Timothy Sippel


Updated 10/30/2021
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ฎ All Rights Reserved

Thank You, Tim!

(Front): Cynthia Lake, Monica Obregon, Karin Hubbard-Luster, Frankie Connor, Jan Berkeley, Tracy Richards, Alison Moses, Evelyn Peterson. (Back) Jim Henderson, Roxy Nicholson, Lupe' Duncan, Courtney Patton-Jackson, Neal Brockmeyer, Pablo Miralles, Tim Sippel, Allisonne Crawford, Loren Shirar, and Carina Jacob.

The Board of Directors of the John Muir High School Alumni Association are so very proud of the leadership that Mr. Timothy Sippel has shown at Muir and we will miss him dearly. We wish him nothing but the best in the new direction his life is taking. Because of his drive to improve the learning atmosphere and his concern for the students, Muir is a much better place than when he arrived. And his accomplishments were not overlooked by anyone as he was recognized as "Principal of the Year." This recognition merely told the world what we already knew at Muir, he is a remarkable person.

Thank you, Tim. Be sure to invite us to commencement when you receive your Doctorate from Harvard in 3 years. No matter where you go from their, "You will Always be a Mustang!"

What is the John Muir High School Alumni Association?

     The John Muir High School Alumni Association was established in 2004 by members of the Muir class of 1956.  The primary purpose of the Alumni Association is to support the academic and extracurricular activities and programs of John Muir High School (JMHS) and its students, financially and otherwise to foster the relationship with JMHS of the alumni of each of JMHS, John Muir Technical High School and John Muir Junior College and with each other, with a view to promoting pride within JMHS, the alumni and the surrounding community. In addition to and in furtherance of the forgoing purpose, the objectives of the Association shall be:

          To support JMHS, its academics and extracurricular programs and its student activities through contribution of equipment, material, funds and volunteer service;

          To award scholarships and other grants to deserving JMHS students;

          To preserve JMHS memorabilia and historical records thereby strengthening its heritage and traditions;

         To provide channels of communications among those who have attended JMHS and with current JMHS students, faculty and administrators;

         To maintain an alumni directory, sponsor alumni events and facilitate reunions.

Our Accomplishments

     Members of the Board of Directors have worked extremely hard to preserve school traditions; celebrate and raise the awareness of school accomplishments; support academics, sports, the Arts and the school staff.

      Below is a partial list of our accomplishments:

  • Purchase of Sports Equipment for (Golf, Softball, Track and Football Teams)

  • Funded Student Leadership Conference Fees

  • Provided Funds for Students' AP Testing Fees

  • Subsidized Yearbook Costs

  • Funded Large Format Printer for Arts and Media Academy

  • Purchase of Warm-Ups for Girls' Soccer Team

  • Provided funds for Football Banquet

  • Provided Funding and Construction fees for the School Electronic Sign

  • Hosted Homecoming Picnic (Annually)

  • Assisting Muir Alumni Groups with their Class Reunions (Annually)

  • Hosting the Alumni Hall of Fame Program (Annually)

  • Student Mentoring Program

  • Purchase of Sports Equipment (track team)

  • Purchase of Cheer Squad Uniforms

  • Funding of several Student Projects

  • Funding and Awarding Scholarships (Annually)

  • Managing Student Scholarships of external organizations

  • Recognition of Muir Students, Staff and Community Volunteers

  • Published the Muir Alumni Directory

  • Restoration and Maintaining the Muir Museum (Continually)

  • Creation of the Alumni Website

  • Creation of 2 Facebook Websites

  • Provide Teacher Grants (Annually)

  • Assisted in development of new Football Field

  • Provide grants to the band and Drum Section for new uniforms and equipment

  • Revised the student Rotary Club

  • Developed and Manage the Birdie Tussle (Golf Tournament)

  • We Team with:
    Staff of John Muir High School
    Muir Booster Clubs

  • Supported/Participated with:
    Welcome to Students 1st Day of School
    Assist staff with student registration (annually)
    Dedication of Stadium #42
    Opening Day of New Girls Softball Field
    Dedication of New Football/Track Field
    Muir Day of a 1000 Volunteers
    Muir Beautification Day (annually)
    Senior Class Assembly (annually)
    Muir Open House Ceremony (annually)
    Turkey Tussle Celebrations (annually)
    Muir Performing Arts

How Can You Help?

 If you are an alum of JMHS (Muir Tech or Muir JC) you welcome to become a Member; dues are $25 annually.

     If you are the parent of a Muir student you may join as an Associate Member; dues are also $25 annually.

 If you are the spouse of an Alum, welcome!

 We accept donations of your money and of your time.

Please consider joining this extremely worthwhile organization today!

JMHSAA Founder
Chuck Bradford
Class of 1956

We Want You!

We're looking for Muir alumni from the classes of 2000 through 2013 to join a committee on a project that they enjoy. The Board would like to have members of these classes to join so that we can offer new and fresh ideas for social events and ways to better support Muir.

We want alumni that have the desire to help continue the heritage of John Muir High to live on; that within you lives the spirit to give back to the school and the community that gave to 'you' when you were a student at Muir. All it takes is some of your time to make it better.

If this person is YOU then plan to join us at our next meeting, usually on the second Saturday of the month at 10:00 a.m. in the school library.

Board Projects

Rehabilitate M-Quad

Yearbook Preservation

Maintain Muir Museum
(Always In-Progress)

Rehabilitate Gymnasium


Membership Level
Area of Interest
Year you graduated Muir:

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Your membership dues are used to fund our many projects and scholarships for the students. All Board members work voluntarily - no board member is paid a salary or commission.

We thank you for your support and the students of John Muir High School thank you!