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Celebrating 10 Years!

August 28, 2015


 Muir's Leadership is in Good Hands


  Members of the Alumni Association's executive board met with Tim Sippel on Thursday to welcome him back to Muir as its principal. It was very clear that Mr. Sippel understands the environment that is Muir. He expressed that he truly wants to make meaningful improvements to the school; to provide better opportunities for the students to improve not just their test scores, but to actually learn.

     During that meeting many issues were not only discussed, but agreements were made on issues the Alumni Association felt were important. "Mr. Sippel seems to be exactly what Muir needs and I hope that he will be able to accomplish his goals for the school and the students," stated Jim Henderson, JMHSAA president.

     "Even though it was my first conversation with Mr. Sippel, I was very impressed with his candor and the sincerity in his voice. Jim stated, "we, the Association, want it to be clear to Mr. Sippel that the Association is ready to support him in every way possible." 

     Mr. Sippel was the assistant principal at Muir in 2008 when the reinvention process began and by taking this leadership role, he wants to be sure that program continues and improves.

     The Pasadena Weekly recently interviewed Mr. Sippel for their publication. Later he learned that the journalist that interviewed him is Muir student, Christina Anaya. He was very impressed with her skills as a journalist and with the article that she wrote.  Mr. Sippel stated that Andre Coleman, Muir alum ('82), Hall of Fame member, and a writer/photographer for the Pasadena Weekly, plans to provide classes to the journalism students at Muir. Jim Henderson hopes that these classes will not only provide lessons that will greatly improve student writing skills, but he hopes that it will give the school a greater voice in the press. Perhaps this will provide an opportunity to read about some of the overwhelming number of positive things that happen at Muir.

     Welcome, Mr. Sippel, we're glad you stepped up to take the reins of this Spirited Mustang. The Alumni Association stands at-the-ready.

     Go Mustangs!

Muir Documentary

(Editor's note: This goal has been met, Pablo and everyone involved sends a big "Thank You" out to the Muir Community for their support. However, donations are still being accepted for this project. If you wish to donate, please contact Pablo at the number below)

Dear Mustangs!
My name is Pablo Miralles, Class of 1982 and I need your help!

Almost a year ago I read a note written by Cameron Turner (Class of 1981) reminiscing about how truly blessed he was to have gone to John Muir High School. He wrote, "With all the mess going on in the news today around race relations, I am more grateful than ever that I grew up in Pasadena in the 1970s. We had a unique opportunity to LIVE the beautiful truth of integration and our generation knows first hand that understanding, harmony, friendship and love can blossom among people of different racial and ethnic backgrounds if we just all take the opportunity..." From that short note, I made a little no-budget film for the Class of 1981's 30th reunion, viewed over a 1000 times online and picked up by LA Times columnist Hector Tobar.              

Soon I was being contacted by alumni from other classes. People who wanted to tell me what a profound experience going to Muir was, in the 50s, the 60's all the way through to the 90s. I did a little research and realized that the story of John Muir High School is the story of our country. That within the people who attended, there is the seed of what is possible in our city, state and nation. Now I need your help to make this film a reality.

Film Donation Website

Taking a break from my other projects I decided to make this feature, PBS-quality documentary, not only covering the desegregated years, but looking at the truly unique history of John Muir High since it's creation as Pasadena's "other school". An integrated campus long
before Brown vs. Board of Education all the way to the tough years of "resegregation" and the public's disaffection with it's own schools.

I truly feel that the history of John Muir High School, it's alumni, teachers, administrators and parents and their belief in the promise of a diverse and excellent public education are important stories to tell for the present and future John Muir High School community and the world at large.

Please help! This $35,000 represents a bare-bones no frills HD production, made possible by a committed and experienced team of filmmakers and volunteers, most of whom are JMHS alumni from the 1960s, 70s and 80s.

If I do not raise the full $35,000 then I will receive nothing and the film will not get made. That is the nature of internet crowd funding. So please forward the link to all your family and friends and ask them to give! Every dollar counts!

Thank you. And please feel free to contact me with your thoughts and comments.

Pablo Miralles
Producer/Director, Arroyo Seco Films

Here's a preview of the highly anticipated documentary about our school, John Muir by director and Muir Alum, Pablo Miralles. This documentary centers on the people affected by the decision to make Pasadena the test case for school desegregation in California. This video features participants of the 1970 PUSD desegregation lawsuit - Jim and Nancy Spangler.


"Oscar of Teaching" goes to John Muir's Manuel Rustin, along with $25,000 Prize 

Pasadena, CA, January 31, 2012 - John Muir High School teacher Manuel Rustin got the Manuel Rustin Walk upsurprise of a lifetime today at a school wide assembly, where he was honored with the National Milken Educator Award, one of the most prestigious honors in teaching.  The Milken Family Foundation (MFF) honored-and stunned-Manuel Rustin, a social studies teacher at John Muir High School, with the award, which comes with a no-strings-attached cash prize of $25,000. Among the leaders participating in the ceremony were California Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson and Pasadena Unified School District Superintendent Jon R. Gundry.

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From then on every time you shop use your rewards card and know that you helping Muir!


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