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How to Ease
Reunion Anxiety

Feeling anxious about your reunion? Tips for a stress-free reunion experience from licensed professional clinical counselor Tina Grismer, Miami Valley Hospital:

Before the reunion, try to connect with someone you know is attending and possibly go together.

Consider helping with the reunion planning as a way to connect with former classmates before the event.

See if a partner or spouse will go with you.

Focus on what there is to look forward to and the pros of attending ó not the cons.

Have realistic expectations for yourself and the event.

Remember that you can go for an hour and, if you are not having a good time, leave.


August 23, 2019



Top 5 Reasons Not To Miss Your Class Reunion

by Amanda Knisely

Has it already been 10 years (or 20, or more)? Sheesh, youíre not in your dream job, youíre single, and your favorite past time is binge-watching reruns of FriendsÖon DVD. What will your former classmates think?

Calm down. Whatever the reasons may be for why youíd consider skipping your high school reunion, put them out of your mind. You graduated, didnít you? Here are 5 reasons why you should attend your next class reunion.

1. Pleasant Surprises

You can rest assured that many of your former peers worry as much as you do about how the dude who was really good in shop class will throw down his next-generation of insults at the reunion. If you choose to stay home with your DVDs, youíll never find out that Shop Dude now builds affordable homes for impoverished families. And he would gladly accept your Facebook friend request, and Like your cat videos. Turns out, the mean girl that never let you sit at her lunch table had a change of heart and runs a soup kitchen.

Keep yourself open to the unexpected. Some of your former classmates might inspire you to make positive changes in your own life, like switching to Netflix or donating your time to a worthy cause.
 (continued below...)

Clcik Here To Register Your Class Reunion !
Is Your Class Planning a Reunion?    Inquiring Minds Want to Know!?
Please, Send Us Information About Your Reunion Plans Today!!

Graduation in the Rose Bowl
One of the most unique Commencement Exercises in the world was enjoyed by Muir students.
One of the best memories of attending Muir was walking across
the world famous Rose Bowl field to accept your diploma.
Only Muir, Pasadena HS and Blair HS can make that amazing claim.
What a thrill, what an honor, what a memory!


Be advised, because of the recent change in the date for the Turkey Tussle, some plans for the reunions below may have changed, Please contact the appropriate person to confirm these plans.

The Class of 1969 Celebrates 50 Years

John Muir HS Class of '69
Our Facebook Page 
John Muir '69 Fiftieth Reunion!
Saturday, September 7, 2019, 6:00 PM
Picnic on Sunday Sept. 8th at 11:00 AM
Purchase Tickets Online Here

Contact: J. Steven Murillo    j.steven.murillo@gmail.com




Our 20 Year Class Reunion Tickets Are Officially On Sale!

7pm-11pm | DTLA Art District

Itís been 20 years since we walked across the stage at the Pasadena Convention Center, so letís celebrate! We know youíve all been making your mark in the world over the past 20 years and want to provide an amazing night of food, fun and fellowship for the Class of 1999 to reunite!

For Tickets and more details visit: https://jmhs1999.wordpress.com/



Reunions Chair
Roxy Nicholson
(626) 208-1351
X 102

Class Registration

If you have information regarding a class reunion, please drop us an
e-mail with your Info.

Planned Reunions
for 2019


Alumni Seeking Reunion Info...

Notice to Reunion Participants:  

When you have a question or concern about a reunion event posted here, you must direct your comment to the class representative listed for that event for resolution. We only have the information that you see posted.

Notice to Alumni Committees:

While we will gladly work with you on your reunion plans, we will not plan your reunion and we are not responsible for the outcome, the sale of tickets, photographs, memory books, accommodations, travel expenses or any other expense associated with your event.  

We have contact information for members of almost every class. We may share this information with your committee so that you can advise your classmates of your planned event. You must be able to verify that you are sanctioned to represent your class, however.

Make sure that those attending your event have contact information for you and your planning committee members.

We have a "Reunion Planning Guide" with a list of service providers that we recommend. We will, upon request, provide that information to you.

Notice to Professional Event Planners & Service Providers:

We are continuing to interview alumni committees as to which avenues they used to plan their reunions. Based on their responses and other data, we are compiling a list of venues, bands, DJ's, and other service providers in the greater San Gabriel Valley area that we will recommend to our alumni. If you would like to be considered for inclusion to this list please, contact us so that we may interview you. Inclusion to the list will be solely based on your past performance.


Top 5 Reasons Not To Miss Your Class Reunion
(continued from above)  

2. You Might Gain a New Contact

Class reunions double as terrific networking events. After you stumble to remember the name of the girl youíre talking to, you can resume eye contact and realize you can help her through your business. Or if youíre lucky, your reunion is giving away fun sunglasses so they never realize you have no look of recognition on your face. If the rapport is strong, she might be willing to return the favor for an old friend, and overlook that you used to make fun of her braces.
Not to be confused with friends who became sales agents and are trying to sell insurance policies to you, your sister, your parents, and all of your neighbors.

3. Cupid Might Attend

Wouldnít it feel great to find out the senior class president always secretly pined for you? Or maybe your crush was the 2nd-string point guard of the basketball team or the district chess champion. Itís not uncommon for sparks to fly at class reunions when long-lost classmates meet eyes for the first time since graduation, and realize itís really nice to see each other.
Really nice.

4. Perspective

Everything in high school seemed so important, every decision life altering. How much of it do you really remember? Coming face to face with the guy who ruined your life in 10th grade, you may realize he didnít even know that he hurt you. Just like you may have sent a note that you donít remember saying he smelled funny and starting the whole thing. Think about how nice it would be to meet everyone you went to school with when your hormones arenít raging and your judgement is fully formed, you might have a lot more in common.

5. Seeing How Everyoneís Dance Moves Have Aged

Let you hair down, if you still have any. This is your chance to turn back the clock and party with your friends as if no time has passed and you are all 18 forever. Except you arenít, and neither are they and none of your dance moves have changed in the last few decades. And now you have an iPhone to catch it all on video forever. Roger Rabbit or Cabbage Patch anyone?

What do you say? Look at it this way, if nothing else, youíll come home with a personalized t-shirt, classic songs in your head, and maybe a long-term care insurance plan. Go say hi to your old friends. Youíll be glad you did, and so will they.