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June 04, 2016

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2012 Hall of Fame Inductees
Name Category Class
Major General Daniel J. Hernandez Government Service 1952
     Major General Daniel J. Hernandez graduated from John Muir High School in 1952 and was selected in the category of Government Service. At Muir he was involved in the Golden Gloves Boxing team. After graduating from Muir, he enlisted in the California Army National Guard.
General Hernandez eventually held every enlisted rank at the time, attended Officer Candidate’s School in 1958 and graduated with the highest class honors while earning his commission. General Hernandez held every office rank up to Major General, earned his Bachelors of Science Degree from State University of New York, and went on to serve his country and community for over 44 years during his career in the United States Army and California Army National Guard.
     Major General Hernandez served as a Platoon Leader (Watts Riots), Unit Commander, Battalion Supply Officer, separate Brigade Supply Officer, Support Battalion Executive Officer, Infantry Battalion Operations Officer, Division Management Center Commander, 540th Main Support Battalion Commander, Mechanized Infantry Brigade Executive Officer, 40th Infantry Division Logistician, Commander of State Area Command Detachment 3, Division Chief of Staff, Assistant Division Commander of both Maneuver and Support, and his final assignment as the 40th Infantry Division (Mechanized) Commander of 16,000 troops from California, Arizona, and Nevada. This assignment included the responsibility as the Army Force Commander (Los Angeles Riot).
     He was the first American of Mexican descent to achieve the rank of Brigadier General in the California Army National Guard in 1987. In 1992, his promotion to Major General was also the first time an American of Mexican descent had ever attained the rank of Major General. Less than one half of one 1% ever attain the rank of Major General. His performance was unparalleled as noted by his Federal awards. The General earned the Legion of Merit, Meritorious Service Medal (4 times), Army Commendation Medal (2 times), and the Army Achievement Medal. His California State recognition included the Order of California, the California Memorial Medal and the California Commendation Medal (3 times).
     In 1991, he was quoted as saying that his accomplishments represented “the impossible dream come true. What it says is that the system works and if you do what you have to do and make the necessary commitments it can happen. That’s what is so great about the U.S.A. It can happen and you’re limited only by how much you are willing to put out.”
Dr. Steven G. Clarke Science (Medicine/Health) 1966
     Dr. Steven G. Clarke graduated from John Muir High School in 1966 and was selected in the category of Science (Medicine/Health). At Muir he participated in the Blazer staff, Conservation Club, CSF, CSF Seal bearer, Civil Affairs Commission, Rooters Club, Senior Class Counseling Honors, National Merit Finalist, Bank of America Certificate (Lab Science) and the Neuropsychology Summer Institute. After Muir he attended Pomona College and earned a B.A., went to Harvard University and earned a Ph.D. and has done post-doctorate work at UC Berkeley all in the fields of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry.
     He has been on the faculty of the UCLA Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry since 1978. He is director of the Institute for Molecular Biology at UCLA, an institute that is world renown and has Nobel-prize winning scientists. He has won numerous science awards, including international recognition. His research concerns aging, and one of the things he became noted for in the public mind was his discovery of an enzyme in which a lotus seed over 1000 years old bloomed!! (Dick Clark tried to convince him to join him in a business venture, but Dr. Clarke does not like to leave his lab and leaves the business success end to his students).
     Dr. Clarke has also won UCLA’s Distinguished Teaching Award and this year was selected to give the annual Faculty Lecture. His topic was the Biology and Chemistry of Aging, and over 1000 people attended, with standing room only. He has won numerous prestigious grants for his research, and has a distinguished publication record. He is a consultant for the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and foundations supporting science research and policy in the U.S., and an invited lecturer at many institutions. He has been a visiting scholar at Princeton University (1986-87) and at the University of Washington (2004-2005). He runs a full-time lab at UCLA, and works with undergraduate, graduate, and post-doctorate students in training and inspiring their scientific journeys.
Dennis E. Muren Visual Arts 1964
Mr. Dennis E. Muren graduated from John Muir High School in 1964 and was selected in the category of Visual Arts. At Muir he was involved in Photo Production, the Shutterbug Club and the Pep Activity Movie. After graduating from Muir he attended Pasadena City College (PCC) and developed an interest in film-making and special effects from an early age.
At PCC, Muren spent $6,500 to make Equinox (also known as The Beast), a short science fiction film. The film was picked up by, Tonylyn Productions, a small film company, hired film editor Jack Woods to direct additional footage to make it a full-length movie that was released in October, 1970. Muren was credited as a producer in spite of having directed much of the film and creating the special effects himself. Thus began his over 40 year illustrious career.
In 1976, he was hired at Industrial Light & Magic (ILM) founded by little-known director George Lucas. Their first film, Star Wars, was released in 1977. Muren has been an important voice for pioneering new technologies in special effects, models and miniatures, and computer-generated imagery. His skills and talents were used in dozens of movies including the following: Star Wars (all six films), Jurassic Park, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Battle Star Galactica, E.T. (handled the bicycle-flying effects), Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, Captain Eo, Ghostbusters , Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Mission: Impossible, and Artificial Intelligence: AI. He also appeared (small parts) in the following films: Raiders of the Lost Ark, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, and From Morf to Morphing: The Dawn of Digital Filmmaking. He also appeared in television movies and special television appearances.
In June, 1999, Muren was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, the first visual effects artist to ever be so recognized. He has also been the recipient of nine Academy Awards (including special achievement awards), the most of any living movie-maker.
Muren continues to work for ILM to this day; his title is Senior Visual Effects Supervisor. Currently he is taking time off to author a book on visual effects; he also consults for Pixar. His most recent project was War of the Worlds, in which he led a team to create complex effects in a span of only three months.
Joseph Peron Sports/Coaching 1981
     Mr. Joe Peron graduated from John Muir High School in 1981 and was selected in the category of Sports/Coaching. At Muir he was involved in playing JV and Varsity basketball and the Sports Club. After Muir, he attended PCC and played basketball for legendary coach, George Terzian, where his 1983 team was the state runner-up. After PCC he attended Biola University where he received a B.A in Communications, Radio, T.V and Film. He then attended Azusa Pacific University where he earned his Master degree. He is currently a Professor in Kinesiology and Head Women's Basketball Coach at Pasadena City.
     Joe Peron went to the mountain top in 2009 when his underdog Lancers captured the CCCAA state title as head coach of the PCC women’s basketball program. He will enter his 17th season in charge of the Lancers in 2012-2013, the longest current tenure of any PCC athletics head coach. In his 16 seasons running the women’s basketball team, Peron has coached six South Coast Conference champion teams and seen his teams make the postseason in all but one of those years.
His teams have accomplished the following: seven Southern California Regional Bracket Champions, seven consecutive appearances in State Championship Tournament (2004-2010), three appearances in the State Championship game (2004, 2005, and 2009) and one State championship in 2009. In addition, his teams had a 9-year streak of winning 24 or more games (2004-2012).
     Peron has done a strong job of helping move Lancers to the next level. Thirty-five of his players have earned 4-year University playing scholarships. For the 2008-2009 school year, Peron was honored as the South Coast Conference Women’s Coach of the Year for all sports. It was the first time any PCC coach earned the award since the college joined the SCC in 1987. Peron has coached three State Player of the Year selections in Jeanine Deno (2007), Dionne Pounds (2005) and Tiana Sanders-Muir c/o 1997 (1999).
     In 2010, Peron passed his former coach and mentor, George Terzian, in career wins (334 wins) as PCC’s all-time winning basketball coach. Through last season, Peron increased his career mark at PCC of 390 wins, 110 losses for an impressive 78% winning percentage. His conference record is nearly as strong at 111-35 or a 76% winning mark.
Loren Shirar Rufus Mead Award 1952
     Mr. Loren Shirar graduated from John Muir High School in 1952 and was selected to receive the Rufus Mead Award. Rufus Mead was the first principal of John Muir Technical High School from 1926 to 1938. This award was installed to recognize individuals that have served John Muir High School in many different categories with overwhelming service above and beyond the normal. At Muir he played football, and in the community he played basketball and baseball. After Muir, he went to UCLA and earned his degree and teaching credential in Art. In 1969, while on sabbatical leave, he earned a Master degree in Sculpture and Painting at the University of Guanajuato, Mexico
He was a dedicated Art teacher at Muir from 1970 to 1995.
     He was also an avid Muir sports fan and hardly ever missed a game (in many sports) whether at home or away. He also used to time track meets at Muir and also served as advisor to the Pep Squad for several years. He coordinated the spirit posters each week that decorated the campus halls and fences before athletic events. With the assistance of students from his art classes and pep squad, colorful Muir Pride spirit posters were hung in the Rose Bowl for the annual Turkey Tussle game each year. Loren Shirar was co-advisor to the Pride Task Force at its inception. Meetings were held in his classroom during lunch periods to plan the activities of the Pride Task Force. His knowledge of John Muir’s rich history and traditions was valuable in establishing The John Muir High School Alumni Hall of Fame.
     Throughout his career, he has had many extracurricular activities and interests. He has stated that “travel is my mantra for living.” He has traveled all over the world, visiting most major countries while studying archeology, heritage, art, photography, ancient cultures, Indian cultures, and visiting museums. He also spent time on cruise lines giving lectures on batik/tie-dye, mask collections, etc. He also did art exhibits locally and nationally for many students. He also worked as a counselor, teacher and coach for many disadvantaged students.
Since he retired in 1995, he has volunteered thousands of hours in re-opening and maintaining the Alumni Museum in the A Building. As curator he is responsible for the great John Muir High School Alumni Museum, one of only three in Southern California. The Museum is housed in two old classrooms (A100 and A101) and houses memorabilia since Muir opened in 1926. Tours are available for Muir students, staff and the community. He also conducts tours for alumni when they have their reunions.
     As a result of all his outstanding accomplishments in serving the John Muir “family” for 60 years, Loren Shirar has earned this award that has only been given twice in the History of John Muir High School. John Muir High School and the John Muir High School Alumni Association are grateful for his dedication, expertise and loyalty to Muir and are proud to induct Mr. Loren Shirar into the 2012 Hall of Fame.
 Chuck Malouf Jim Brownfield Service Award ----
Mr. Chuck Malouf is this year’s recipient of the Jim Brownfield Service Award that began in 2010. He has been involved in the Pasadena Unified School District (PUSD) since 1967. In 1967, he started his career as a business teacher and basketball coach at Pasadena High School (PHS), went to Wilson Jr. High in (1969-70) for one year and returned to PHS for two more years (1970-1972). He was involved in these schools as a teacher, coach, club advisor, and the accolades just keep coming.
     In the fall of 1972, he was transferred to Muir High, which turned out to be a blessing in disguise for him. In the PUSD (including Muir) he taught a total of 38 different classes within the following eight departments: Business, Consumer Homemaking, English, Math, Physical Education, Social Science, Non-Departmental and ROP. He also coached basketball with his own team (1972-1987) and as a volunteer coach from (1987-2005). In addition, he taught at PCC (25 years) and at Cal State (Los Angeles and Northridge) for 5 years. He was a master teacher where he trained 12 student teachers from local colleges and universities.
He also helped create/implement/participated in the following: Office Careers (simulated clerical office), Consumer Education course (graduation requirement for all 10th graders, taught life skills), School Site Council (charter member, vice chair), Education/Career Planning (ECP)/Computers (graduation requirements for all 9th graders, and the 1st Muir Academy (Business and Finance Academy, Teacher-Coordinator). During his career he was a member of many professional organizations, gave talks at many conferences, served on over 30 different committees in the PUSD and the community, was a teacher union rep and member, was a club advisor, and helped conduct staff development for the Muir faculty.
     He has earned the following awards while at Muir: PTSA Teacher Service Award, Faculty Award winner, Rotary Club award representative from Muir (top 4 in the PUSD), one of the most inspirational teachers at Muir and teacher of the month. In addition, he is a coauthor of a high school textbook (Consumer Education and Economics, now in its 6th edition), author/co- author of many curriculum guides, reviewer for high school and college textbooks and has written a few articles for magazines.
     When he retired in 2005 (after 33 years at Muir), he continued his service to Muir by the following: sharing resource materials with staff, basketball shooting clinics, speaking in some classes, attending many Muir events (sports, etc.) and attending many reunions and promoting the pride, spirit and traditions of Muir.
His major service since retirement includes helping with the newly-formed (2004) John Muir High School Alumni Association (JMHSAA). He is co-chair of the “Friends of the Mustangs,” one of the Vice Presidents on the Executive Board and a chair/member of or a contributor to the following committees: Hall of Fame, Yearbooks, Reunions, Membership, Muir Sports Champions, and Muir fundraising efforts.
     Although he is not a graduate of Muir, he has adopted the school as if it were his own. He is a Muir “icon” and truly a Mustang at heart and warrants this honor. He has earned the respect of many of those who knew him and worked with him. As a result of his outstanding service and dedication to the John Muir High School “family” the John Muir High School Alumni Association is proud to award the 3rd annual Jim Brownfield Service Award to Mr. Chuck Malouf.

Muir Cheer Squad escorting newly inducted Hall of Fame Members onto the field
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2016 Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony is scheduled for
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